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I share with the reader special moments with my Master, the Majestic Bear.

I found him when I was at the darkest point of my life. His wisdom frees me from the cha Author: Justan Acre. This is a book, in French. It is about a girl named Arinafe Makwi. She lives in a developing country. James and his research team meet a threat to all life on earth. Will they survive or will mankind meet a horrible end? Author: James M Brown. My book is about my life story and everything that has happened to me growing up. I've dealt with some of the outrageous and displeasing things as a person but my book is to help people be more aware Author: Mallory Blanchette. A short story, aimed at toddlers and young children, to emphasise the importance of road safety.

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Author: Faye Richardson. This is a story of a man that calls on God. This man is no more then a soul that acknowledges that he is not in control and that God is.

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I am that man and im thankful for so many things thus my poems Author: Joshua Telano. This book is an abstract collection of Cyrillic Alphabet, and Russian History. Simple Non Toxic alternatives tha This is the a sweet Holiday story for the entire family. A story of the endurance of love beyond time and space. This story was written for the City of Paterson in for the Holiday Parade. It was a Author: C A Conforti. A personalized custom bedtime story book full of rhyme, memories, and love. Author: Charlene Summers. This is a book that represents a continuing journey through the death of ego, the death of expectations, and the beautiful, tender life that is born out of death.

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Blessings on anyone who feels abandon Author: Cromwell Wirewod Press. A series of diaries written by students pretending to be on the ships captained by European Explorers. Author: Homeroom A transformational conversation Author: Vicki T Paxton. Fairies in the highlands of scotland Author: Nel Montgomery. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Search for Jonah is an exciting and adventurous take on the original series of successful films. Jack Sparrow once again encounters Blackbeard, one of his most memorable Author: Tess Donelon.

This book is filled with 22 poems that capture the feeling and spirit of Christmas. It includes several poems written by myself aswell as a handful of classic festive creations from those who deserve This is a book created in memory of a wonderful friend and neighbour, Deidre Clark. Author: K Preston.

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I would dearly love to collaborate with any musicians out there to cr Author: Adam Cartwright. This book is an artistic expression of my praise and worship to the One true living God; Jesus! I hope you enjoy it. Author: Colina Wymarra. This book was created for early readers age years old.

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This book will surely prompt your children to start reading and getting to know more about themselves. Author: Tenza Bosslady Jahseen Foster. Edwin the owl is about the adventures of a special little girl and her magic owl. Author: Jenny Hutchinson. Theresa's Primary School use clever creatures throughout school to help pupils learn. Author: St. Theresa's Busy Readers Book Club. Poems of Wonder and Hope , Grace as revealed in nature, children, scripture, and circumstance is especially precious during seasons of loneliness, grief, or despair. These poems and photographs repr Author: Vicki T Paxton vtp copyright May Larina, only five years old, knows that she will one day go out into the world and look for her long-lost parents.

They went out to sea one day and never came back. Larina, left behind, is taken into Author: Author of "Zarmia". A short story about a little girl who always wanted to be treated like a big girl, not a baby like her twin sister. Born first Ellie is the big girl and helps look after her little sister who is learn A story of a little boy who dreamed of being a footballer, his father runs a hot dog stand at the local football club. Its at the stadium where Harrys dreams began, he practices and trials and just ma This is a book of Poems my grandmother has written over the years.

I am creating it as a gift for her 88th birthday. Author: Liane Menenedez.

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Its a children book made by children in hungarian language and also a very good creative idea for years old kids to improve their imaginary. Take a look!

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Thank you! Author: 4. Author: James Gifford. John Doe! The man that was.

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No one knew where he came from, no one knew his real name This book is a collection of poetry that i have written and produced. It has sentimental lines, hard-to-read stanzas, and of course love letters. I hope you enjoy this book. Author: Davey soltis. This book is a tribute to William R.

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It contains all of the email tributes that people sent upon hearing that Bill had completed his life. It also contains the pictures of his life and family Author: Lynn Brailsford. This is my book poetry, written with lots of love and more. Author: Sinovuyo Zamxaka. Lost and alone, depressed and beleaguered; I turned to the bottle, as well as my journal.

However, it was the pen-to-paper process that was the most cathartic for me. I know that I am not alone in m Author: Jennifer Villanueva. I hope you find this book interesting and useful! My family is descendant from Michael Arbogast who came to America aboard the ship Speedwell and settled in what is now West Virginia. Author: Johan Arbogast Keller. This is my first collection of Poetry, it can get quite dark at times. Author: Jake Farrell.