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The charismatic Canadian didn't just keep the orchestra on its toes, but was up on his toes more often than not as he threw himself into the three works. Conducting with elegance and precision, Picard was magnificent in Hector Berlioz's "Symphonie Fantastique".

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Picard brought out all the emotion and anguish of the symphony. Picard's visible attention to balance, and physical command of the orchestra's dynamics made for a pretty much perfect partnership. That precision control from the podium was evident throughout the programme in what was a very good night for the orchestra's associate conductor. View more. The Herald February The Nairnshire Telegraph February It does, however, come attached to an accompanying positioning requirement, though this is negligible at worst given that Claude will typically be away from his allies when initiating combat regardless.

In such instances, Death Blow can prove to be a more worthwhile investment to capitalize on his other key stat and maximize his overall damage potential. Desperation is a standard choice of B slot skill for most offensive frontliners like Claude and for good reason , allowing him to perform his follow-up attack before his opponent can even counterattack.

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Smoke skills, such as his native Def Smoke, are strong options when using Claude alongside a refresher to let him kill multiple foes more effectively with its debilitating debuff; this also serves the purpose of increasing his likelihood of activating his PRF. However, this is not entirely necessary for him to function properly and can be simply replicated by team support if unavailable.

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Do keep an eye out for opponents equipped with Null C-Disrupt, though, as they can quickly spell trouble for him if one is too careless. Luna is an excellent choice of Special that lets Claude pierce through particularly bulky foes with relative ease — and thanks to its decent three-turn cooldown, he can benefit from its damage boost quite frequently, activating in every other round of combat provided that he performs a follow-up attack in each one. Moonbow and his native Glimmer can also make for worthwhile considerations if providing Claude with enough support such that he can reliably use the Heavy Blade seal, or if using the Quickened Pulse seal; combining them with either one of these aforementioned seals allows him to activate them quicker for increased damage output.

That being said, Chill skills can still be considered should one wish to grant him the option of potentially providing team support.

The charming and notoriously flirty leader of the Golden Deers, Claude: The Schemer makes his debut appearance as a colorless bow cavalier sporting an assortment of traits that define him as a potent threat in the Player Phase. When combined with his effective five-tile range, these aforementioned factors make Claude a fearsome offensive force. His frailty to cavalry-effective weaponry can also prove to be a serious problem for him as well depending on the map in which he is deployed.

Furthermore, while his overall bulk may be surprisingly decent, this is largely attributed to his relatively good HP pool for an archer and not his actual defensive stats, both of which sport incredibly low base values.

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This makes him quite fragile to any sort of sustained offensive pressure and consequently limits his functionality to exist primarily in the Player Phase. Overall, Claude is certainly a capable unit who can shine when played to his strengths, making for a welcome addition to any team composition looking for a formidable offensive nuke. As a cavalry unit, Claude is plagued by a debilitating weakness to cavalry-effective weaponry, impeded mobility due to certain terrain, and limited skill availability, hindering his overall potential substantially.

This particular combination is there to cover for his low physical bulk, however you can swap def wave for res wave if you want him to take down mages instead. Community All. Claude Submit Feedback or Error. Community Posts with Keyword Claude All. Table of Contents Stats. Tier Rating. Default Attack Special Injured. Gray Bow.