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Never feel guilty or ashamed of your comfort zone, whatever it happens to be. More importantly, seek out people with varied adventure comfort zones. Those who have much broader views on life can help you expand yours, while people with more limited experiences may be seeking out someone just like you, for support and guidance to broaden their horizons.

Take myself for example. I am most comfortable on the trails on top my own two feet. Did I fall madly in love? Not yet. But I did truly enjoy myself out there.

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My joy came from the activities, but the best part was spending time with awesome people and watching them love life. Now, for some insight on how to best embrace your current adventure comfort zone while pushing the edges from time to time! The Hansgrohe innovators and designers have done a great job with these. Show your customers the new level of spaciousness.

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Financial and physical ones? Not so much. I know, I know. Novel experiences — especially uncomfortable ones — supply our greatest potential for growth and change.

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But life has moved me out of my comfort zone plenty; I have no need to seek out bonus adventure or discomfort. Magnitude 6. Raising a child with cerebral palsy? My son was going on 4, and his friend was having a reptile party. For the uninitiated, this is a festive occasion wherein the birthday boy and his friends gather in a circle, a herpetology enthusiast pulls up in a van, and said enthusiast removes lizards and snakes, one by one, from the cages in the back of said van and circulates them among the children for petting.

Other parents could maintain a safe distance from the special guests if they so chose. But my son did not yet have the abdominal strength to sit on his own. So I put him on a bench and sat on the ground diagonally behind him, my hand supporting his back but my body safely out of range of reptilian contact. I then commenced about a half-hour of deep breathing, doing my best to approximate a trancelike state. My reward for this epic display of bravery: a handsome slice of snake-shaped cake. If I can have the growth experience of my life in Redwood City, I see no need to run miles across the Gobi Desert or jump out of a perfectly serviceable airplane in rural Northern California or risk death-by-leopard in Namibia.

Those experiences are for other, more adventurous alumni.

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