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It looks at the right to utility service, metering issues, payment issues, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, termination of service, and bankruptcy issues. Learn how to recognize revenue, expenses, assets, and liabilities. The text reviews accounting principles for many different areas, including investments, long-term debt, leases, stocks, and partnerships.

It also discusses recent developments such as expanded use of fair values in financial statements and guidance on how to determine fair value, accounting for service agreements in securitizations, and revised rules on accounting for acquisitions. Administrative law continues to evolve in interesting ways in all of its various dimensions.

The authors address the new developments in the law of standing, congressional attempts to make agencies more accountable, and the continuing evolution of Chevron deference, among other issues. The fundamental purposes of this book are to assess and explain fundamental doctrines of administrative law, placing some of the most important aspects of those doctrines in a historical context, and setting forth the current state of the law.

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The book is intended to serve practitioners, scholars and students of administrative law. This volume reviews general principles, policy considerations, and the methods of analysis of federal, state, and local agency procedures. Chapters discuss authority delegation; political controls over agency action; scope of judicial review; acquiring and disclosing information; informal administrative processes; procedural due process; formal adjudications; procedural shortcuts; rules and rulemaking; and obtaining judicial review.

In this publication, the author offers: Insightful, expert discussion of current practice, analyzing recent cases and developments Detailed footnotes supplying additional commentary and citations to leading cases, and updated statutory citations reflecting the recodified admiralty statutes in new sections of Title 46 of the United States Code An emphasis on the international character of maritime and shipping law, with examples ranging from the Deepwater Horizon oil discharge in the Gulf of Mexico to what liability regime should apply to multimodal transportation of goods in international trade Extensive coverage of the treaties, conventions, protocols and instruments of The International Maritime Organization, the United Nations Security Council, and other organizations" - from the publisher.

It explores maritime property liens and the seaman's employment contract, wages, and compromise of claims. It discusses marine insurance, towage and pilotage, salvage, and general average. It also covers sovereign immunity; joint and several liability, indemnity, and contribution; liability limitations; and jurisdiction and procedure in maritime claims. Includes a clear, concise, and thorough narrative explanation of the issues involved in the prosecution and adjudication of a criminal case, from the decision to prosecute and pre-trial release through to sentencing, appeal and collateral attack.

Ideal reference for students and practitioners.

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While emphasizing the doctrinal issues taught in today's unincorporated business associations classes, it places significant emphasis on economic analysis of the major issues in that course. The second edition has been comprehensively updated. It includes extensive new treatment of the now final Restatement Third of Agency and amendments to the various uniform acts governing unincorporated business associations.

The coverage has been expanded to include additional topics, especially in the chapter on limited liability companies, so as to reflect their continually growing popularity as a choice of form for small businesses. Alternative dispute resolution in a nutshell by Jacqueline Nolan-Haley is an update to the edition in Thomson West's nutshell series. In addition to the discussion of the subject from Ms.

Users familiar with the nutshell format will find this book concise and informative with extensive bibliographic references. Always Dad details how to work with an ex to create a supportive family environment following divorce. This book provides strategies for maintaining a healthy relationship with and prioritize the needs children and working effectively with a former spouse following divorce. The most recent edition of American Indian Law in a Nutshell provides up to date, basic coverage of the complexities of American Indian law.

Readers familiar with West's Nutshell series will find it to be a straightforward discussion of the history and topics of American Indian law.

It is important to note that this book does not address problems specific to Oklahoma, New York, or native Hawaiians. An introduction to American law.

Lloyd's Insurance Law Library

This guide provides a clear and concise introduction to the American constitutional system, judiciary, civil and criminal law. In addition, this book covers animal rights activism, hunting, fishing, and other recreational uses of animals, animals in entertainment, issues arising when animals are the subject of a contract or the intended beneficiary of a will or trust, remedies for harm done to animals, and anticipated future legal developments in the field.

A guide containing the basic terms, characteristics and issues in arbitration. Covering freedom of contract, the Federal Arbitration Act, the enforcement of arbitral awards and more. The number of asylum seekers in this country is growing, as are the complexities and challenges to receiving asylum status.

Because many asylum seekers have fled to this country with few resources, this area of law has a great need for lawyers wanting do more pro bono work. This publication is a comprehensive procedural guide for the attorney working through a claim. Practical aspects of the publication include checklists for each stage of the application process and sample forms and many practice tips. Additionally, a chapter is devoted to other forms of relief, should the asylum claim be denied. This manual provides guidance on how to investigate, plead, litigate, and settle an automobile fraud claim.

It focuses on automobile fraud when the dealer defrauds the consumer as to the nature of the vehicle itself. It covers what consumer attorneys should know about automobile title law.

Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security - Lib

It goes on to examine the federal odometer statute, claims applicable to most types of consumer abuse, litigation issues in automobile fraud claims. It also contains several appendices including sample pleadings, discovery, and jury documents. This reference guide provides coverage of recent developments in banking and financial institutions law and policy.

Per the publisher, it covers subjects such as "increased competition, deregulation, bank and thrift failures, large-scale bailout, and restructuring efforts. Unresolved challenges include budget stimulus, deficits, and renewed supervision by regulators. Today's bankruptcy courses are now much more than just the automatic stay, avoiding powers, and discharge. As bankruptcy classes have become more comprehensive, more students have found that this book helps them better comprehend reading assignments, class discussions, and exam questions.

This comprehensive personal aid title walks through different types of bankruptcy, the process of filing for bankruptcy, and advice for next steps. We've all received one -- a traffic ticket that seems completely unfair, the result of an officer's evening quota rather than a serious moving violation. But do you have to pay the penalty and watch your driving record crash and burn?

Not if you choose to fight back with Beat Your Ticket. Beat Your Ticket simply and clearly lays out the best strategies for beating tickets in court. The book explains in plain English how to: - use the law to fight an unwarranted ticket - find out what the police officer plans to say at your trial - attack radar and other detection methods - pick a jury - present your case - cross-examine the ticketing officer.

A start-to-finish guide for those attempting to obtain United States citizenship through "naturalization". This guide provides information regarding the application process including residency requirements, appropriate documentation and fees, fingerprinting, where to file, and the Pilot Naturalization Test. Drawing from the experiences of actual mediators, as well as from his own many years of work as an attorney and mediator, Lovenheim not only provides a vital resource but also conveys the sense of mission mediators feel for this emerging new profession.

Helps readers determine their eligibility and offers advice on how to fill out applications forms, study for the citizenship exam, and ace the interview. Topics include assisted reproductive techniques and family-making, limitations on reproduction including abortion, contraception, and sterilization , the role of ethical and religious beliefs of health care professionals, the definition of death, end-of-life decision making including physician-assisted death , genetics, research involving human subjects including issues related to conflicts of interest , organ transplantation, limitations on coercive public health regulation, the operation of ethics committees, and other emerging topics.

The book provides an excellent introduction to this area as well as useful support for students. While not an exhaustive guide, Pearson provides the reader with a basic understanding of "blogging and social media law". A introduction to common legal principles that apply to online publishing and how to avoid some of the obstacles that exist for free speech from a global perspective. This authoritative treatise addresses the issue, transfer, collection, and payment of checks; the return of unpaid checks; substitute checks; electronic checks; electronic funds transfers; and forgeries and alterations.

Law of the Land - The Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2015

The legal analysis is supported with numerous citations to the most recent and relevant statutes, regulations, and cases -- resulting in an incomparable resource for all your practical questions or legal research involving bank checks and funds transfers. The mediation-based strategies contained in this book will help minimize conflict in resolving issues such as health care, education, and living arrangements. It explains the basic concepts that govern these relationships and provides specific examples of how they apply.

It also explains similarities and dissimilarities in the business associations covered. The book is intended to help students understand the course whether their background is in accounting or music. This guide walks business owners through drafting legal documents that act as a sort of "pre-marital agreement" for your business. These agreements will help to clarify the circumstances when someone must sell, what price will be paid, and other topics.

This comprehensive guide to business immigration law provides the practitioner with strategies, citations, and analyses to advise corporate clients in all phases of the hiring and transfer of foreign nationals.

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The set covers such topics as the various types of visas, consular status, and the visa waiver program. It is the best additional resource to assign to students for background. It distills in a straightforward and accessible way the essential elements of these often complex topics and explains the basic economic elements and legal principles of business organization and finance with concise, conceptual overviews.

It contains a detailed introduction outlining the essential functions of corporate law. It contains an invaluable new section covering recent developments in financial markets, the financial crisis, the role of derivatives and financial complexity in the modern corporation to give students background on modern financial issues. Written in a clear and informative style, and chock full of examples and illustrations, this book examines the legal rules and doctrines associated with running a business?

These rules and doctrines are explored within the context of the various organizational forms in which a business may be operated. Thus, reading this book will provide you with a solid grounding in the law of agency, general partnerships, corporations, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies.