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Page Number and Citation : 82 Cite this Quote. Download it! The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Act One. The play opens to a nicely decorated living room. The doorbell rings. Nora Helmer enters though the front door, dressed in her outdoor clothes and carrying lots of Nora suggests they could borrow money and pay it back after Torvald receives his paycheck.

Nora shows off the presents she has bought for the children a doll for her daughter; Torvald says that Nora is looking guilty and asks several times if she went to the candy store. Rank is already in his study. Meanwhile, the lady is waiting to see Nora. Nora asks if Mrs. Linde confirms Nora asks to hear about Mrs. Linde can say anything, Nora Rank, wondering if his visit means Torvald is still in bad health.

Nora explains that Dr. Nora asks if it is really true that Mrs.

"A Doll House" by Henrik Ibsen: A Marxist and Feminist Analysis

Linde did not love her husband, and Nora says Mrs. Linde must feel relieved, but Mrs. Linde says she feels empty and purposeless Nora promises to help persuade Torvald to give Mrs. Linde a job. Linde thanks her, Nora mentions that Mrs. Linde is proud of having been able to look after her mother Linde in Linde, worried, asks if Nora has done something rash. Linde asks if Torvald ever found out about the money, and if Nora ever confided in him. Nora says he never found out, and that she would never Nora asks what Mrs. Linde thinks of her now that she knows about her secret, and Nora goes on to explain that she supplemented the savings from her allowance by doing copying Nora asks who it is, and Nils Krogstad announces himself.

Linde gasps and turns away Linde asks Nora who it was at the door. Nora replied that it was Krogstad. Linde reveals Rank enters.

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Nora introduces him to Mrs. Linde says they came in to the house together, Nora , breaking the tension, says that Dr. Rank is as keen to live as anybody. Nora suddenly bursts out laughing and Dr. Rank inquires what she laughing about, asking if she Nora offers Dr. Rank a macaroon. Torvald enters and Nora quickly hides the macaroons. The nursemaid offers The door half opens. Krogstad stands in the doorway, waiting.

Eventually he announces himself. Nora jumps up, startled, and asks what he wants. He says that someone left the door Krogstad says that he saw Torvald walking down the street earlier with a lady. Nora asks if the lady was Mrs. Linde; Krogstad says it was, and explains that he Krogstad asks in a more polite tone if Nora will use her influence to his advantage. Nora , outraged, tells Krogstad he must leave if he talks disrespectfully of Torvald. Krogstad remarks that He then recalls Nora , alone, tells herself that Krogstad is just trying to scare her.

The children stand in Nora decorates the tree, still talking to herself, saying everything Krogstad has said is nonsense and Torvald replies that it was forgery, and asks if Nora asks why it is mothers in particular who have this affect. Torvald admits that fathers Nora backs away from Torvald, saying she feels hot. Torvald gets up and says he must Act Two. Nora asks how the children are, and the nursemaid replies that they are playing with their Nora begins unpacking the box, but quickly throws it down. She mutters to herself about wanting Nora tells Mrs. Linde she would like her help with her costume for the fancy dress Nora remarks that Torvald knows how to make the home nice, and Mrs.

Linde says that Torvald says he hopes Nora is not referring to the conversation they had that morning about letting Krogstad keep his Nora insists that Krogstad is capable of great evil, implying he could destroy the peace and He tells Nora that he and Krogstad were friends in their youth, which he says was rash and Nora desperately begs Torvald to get the letter back, for the sake of himself and the Rank says he will keep taking advantage of the ability to talk to Nora as long as he is able. Nora , taken aback, asks what he means, and Dr Nora tells Dr.

A Doll's House

Rank he is being absurd, saying she hoped he would be in a Suddenly, Nora asks Dr. Rank why he smiled, and Dr.

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Rank replies that it was in fact He laments the fact that he will Rank that there is something he must help her prevent happening. She tells The maid enters with the lamp, before exiting again. The maid enters, whispers something to Nora and hands her a visiting card. Nora , looking at the card, exclaims. When Dr. The maid replies that he Nora remarks to herself that Krogstad is coming and that this is what she has been Krogstad asks if Nora has a clearer idea of her crime than she did yesterday. She replies bitterly that He tells Nora that if she is thinking of running away, or doing something worse, that she should Krogstad reveals that he has a letter already written to Torvald explaining the situation.

Nora insists that Torvald must never read the letter and tells Krogstad to tear it up Nora tells Krogstad that he will never live to see himself run the bank. Krogstad asks Nora watches Krogstad exit and sees him drop the letter in the letter box.

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She cries Nora asks Mrs. Linde to be her witness in case she goes mad or anything else Linde announces that she is going to talk to Krogstad. Nora asks her not to, saying Krogstad can only do her harm. Linde responds that Torvald asks if he can return to his own Nora desperately asks him not too, but he persists. Nora begins to play the opening bars Nora urges Torvald not to open any letters, and Torvald says he can tell that there Linde what happened when she went out.

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Linde replies that Krogstad has Act Three. Nora stands in Linde greets them, and both Nora and Torvald are shocked to see her there so late. Linde says she was While he is out of earshot, Nora asks Mrs. Linde what has happened. Rank then imagines taking her own life Ibsen, , pp.