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The worlds of literature, film and art, both past and present, demonstrate the enduring popularity of the dragon as magical creature, fearsome fire-breather, insomniac guardian of treasures, and scaly flying serpent. A creature to be loved and loathed, perhaps, but never cuddled, stroked or offended!

There will be copies of famous dragon tales to browse in our story corner and purchase in our shop. Each egg has been designed in the style of a children's illustrator including Axel Scheffler, Russell Ayto and Quentin Blake. The eggs are all close to the City centre, if you find the eggs in order the trail should take around an hour to complete.

There are three exclusive goody bags to be won.

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All players who successfully manage to complete the trail and solve the anagram will be entered into a prize draw which will be announced after the competition closes on 8 October Each goody bag contains a selection of signed books, toys, games, tickets and other prizes. Explore Bath's world heritage One of the best preserved Roman remains in the world.

Birds and the bees. Similar Latin inscriptions are quite common.

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The earliest appear in Ptolemy's Atlas c. AD , warning of elephants, hippos and cannibals.

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Medieval Mappa Mundi 'world maps' are stuffed with such tales: people with feet so big they lie on the ground and use them as umbrellas, giant gold-mining ants, Amazons who keep men in cages - but not many dragons. It took the Renaissance to make dragon hunting an exact geographical science.

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Bishop Olaus Magnus's map of Scandinavia illustrates and gives copious notes on dozens of monsters and marks the caves where trolls live. As geography became more scientific, mythical creatures were the first casualty.

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Yet the questioner can take heart from the words on the Atlantic chart of Admiral Piri Re'is : 'Here are monsters - all harmless souls'. Ian Seymour, March, Cambs.

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DURING a total of more than 50 years handling old maps we have been unable to find any with the well-known phrase - although pictures of dragons and other monsters do often appear and fanciful written descriptions abound. Martin Waldseemuller c. The renowned cartographer Abraham Ortelius , on his map of the North Atlantic, inscribed 'Pigmes hic habitant' Pigmies live here on the area we know as the North Polar icecap.

Many later cartographers showed California as an island, perhaps predicting the possible results of earthquakes to come.