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Whatever has happened, happened already. The best we can do is practice self-compassion and self-acceptance. Becoming our best self means allowing ourselves to be who we truly are. Unashamedly us. And that means embracing the embarrassing bits too and having a good laugh about them. There really is nothing to be gained from beating ourselves up.

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Focusing on non-emotional details may be a better option than pretending you don't feel anything

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Client FAQs. Therapist FAQs. Do I need Therapy? Deciding if therapy is for you is a really big decision. Seek advice. Jessy Wrigley Tuesday, 29th January Share on. Hello and welcome: you just experienced the dreaded Cringe.

Cringing, it seems, is part of the human experience. But why does it happen? We are, in other words, the centre of our own universe. My guess is you struggled with the second.

How to Overcome Embarrassment

Thinking things are worse than they are. Cringing and catastrophising play into each other pretty nicely. And of course, social media has only made things worse. Amen to that, folks. Looking for a therapist? Find a therapist in your area. Find a therapist. Waving hello to someone who was definitely waving to a person behind you. Some psychologists who study embarrassment call this feeling the distinction between the lived and the corporeal selves: the former is in your head, whereas the latter is out there in the real world.

You can pretend that these two selves are one and the same, until some kind of awkward mishap occurs and yanks you out of that fantasy.

This Is Why You Still Cringe At The Memory Of Something You Did In School

Then the me walking around out there does not always do such a good job of living up to the standards of the me that exists in my imagination. Something like self-acceptance. How could anyone not like them? The three strangers are producers for the New York City branch of Mortified , a live show in which performers read from their teenage diaries. In front of hundreds of people. I have to call long-distance if I want to talk about Hanson!

Most of us build our lives so that we experience as little embarrassment as possible, yet in Mortified there is a group of weirdos who intentionally seek out the feeling, who come together to revel in it for a three-hour performance each month. Much later, though, I figured out why I was drawn to this show. If cringing comes from a shock of self-consciousness, then I think those of us who cringe more than others might have at least a moderate version of social anxiety, a disorder defined as the fear of being judged in social situations.

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And at least one psychologist argues that the best way to overcome your fear of cringing at yourself is to purposely put yourself in situations that make you feel as if you may die of cringe. There, he runs what is essentially exposure therapy for social anxiety. He works with patients to figure out what they fear the most.

What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

Do they fear getting laughed at? Do they fear looking dumb? Then, he designs exercises that will purposely put them in those situations. The idea is not to make others laugh at his patients. The idea is to get them to be able to laugh at themselves. I set myself a series of challenges, some more ridiculous than others. Maybe I subconsciously was. We size each other up as potential new friends.