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Since the blatantly obvious has been stated regarding the source of the Cranky content, I'll reiterate the implication of the Cranky interface. If Wiki's intention is simply raw content and is not usability of content, the CL will be of little value.

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The implied CL interface would be a subset of the book list presentation which, if a CL copy was avaiable, would route the user to CL for portrayal. There would be a "Please Convert" link for unconverted manuscripts in Gutenburg, et al. This is the only interface that makes sense.

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The inherent nature of cost-efficiency is the re-use of information and it's packaging into a user friendly format. The inherent costs of scanning, vetting, legal clearing, and other numerous trivialities have prevented a usability philosophy in public domain content. Consistent formatting and portrayal enables future exploitation without re-architecting; just re-implementing.

But in the conversations on this microscopic issue I detect the inherent creep of bureaucratic mentality and stagnation. This is exhibited by a mind-set that focuses on established process and ignores potential interoperability. At one point I envisioned being able to help with architecture and inter-activity of Wiki systems and external providers, but I detect the same "built-here" mentality and technical naivete that pervades the public domain providers. Engaging account of the life of children in ancient Sparta, where patriotism, heroism, and strength in battle are the highest ideals.

We discover how at age seven boys leave home to live in company with 15 others, training to be Spartan soldiers through rigorous physical and mental exercises. In addition to wrestling, running, and throwing the discus, we watch them foraging for their food, gathering reeds for their bedding, singing patriotic songs, and eating at mess with their elders. Emphasis is on the true nobility and rugged simplicity of the Spartan character. Men of Old Greece. A vivid picture of life in ancient Greece through the stories of four very different men.

The reader hears how Leonidas, raised under the strict system of Sparta, becomes king and leads his countrymen at the battle of Thermopylae, and how Themistocles, in prompting the Athenians to build boats and escape to Salamis, guides the Greeks to victory against the Persians. When Athens lay in ruins, the sculptor Phidias is instrumental in its rebuilding. It becomes such a vibrant city that the philosopher Socrates, when arrested on a trumped-up charge, prefers to die, rather than to live anywhere other than Athens.

Plutarch's Lives for Boys and Girls. Selected lives from Plutarch admirably retold by W. Introductory material by the reteller sets each life in its historical context. Favorite Greek Myths.

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A lively retelling of 35 favorite Greek myths, ranging from the short stories of Phaeton, Arachne and Bellerophon to the longer tales of Jason and his quest for the Golden Fleece, the twelve labors of Hercules, and Theseus and the Minotaur. Provides excellent material for cultivating the child's imagination and quickening his moral sense.

Includes a complete guide to the pronunciation and explanation of unfamiliar names. Stories from the Greek Tragedians. Thirteen strong, interesting tales from Greek tragedy, admirably retold by Alfred J. Church and retaining remarkably well the spirit of the originals. Stories from Plato and Other Classic Writers. Twenty-seven stories adapted for young children from selections of works of classic writers of the ancient world. The stories were chosen by the author for their inspirational value, either 'because they contained fine moral points, or else because they were poetic statements of natural phenomena which might enhance the study of natural science.

Stories of Old Greece. Sixteen Greek myths, especially selected and carefully adapted for young listeners. Includes the stories of Arachne, Pandora, Clytie, Pandora, and a dozen other short myths. While the outlines of the stories come, for the most part, from the Roman poet Ovid, additional details are included to enhance their appeal to children.

The story of Nearchus, who comes as a page to the court of King Philip of Macedon, where he befriends the young Alexander the Great. In company with other boys, Nearchus and Alexander divide their time between lessons, and gymnastic and military drill. We follow them on an all-night tramp under one instructor and share their joy when their new tutor, Aristotle, arrives. The story revolves around the differing gifts of the boys and predictions about what fortune holds in store for each of them. Tanglewood Tales. Attractively illustrated by Willy Pogany.

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Streams of History: Ancient Greece. Presents the chief geographical features of Greece and historical sketches of the life of the people at four stages of their development: Age of Homer, Persian Wars, Age of Pericles, and Age of Alexander the Great. Emphasizes Greece's growth to a land of great beauty. Shows Alexander's influence in spreading Hellenistic culture through Egypt and Asia. Famous Men of Greece.

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Attractive biographical sketches of thirty-five of the most prominent characters in the history of ancient Greece, from legendary times to its fall in B. Each story is told in a clear, simple manner, and is well calculated to awaken and stimulate the youthful imagination. The Odyssey for Boys and Girls. Lively retelling of Homer's Odyssey, telling of the wanderings of Ulysses and his adventures with the giant Cyclops and the enchantress Circe as he makes his way home to his beloved Ithaca. There, after slaying the suitors who have been wooing his wife Penelope, he is reunited with his family after twenty long years.

The Iliad for Boys and Girls. Vigorous retelling of Homer's Iliad, relating the incidents of the great siege of Troy, from the quarrel of the chiefs to the ransoming of Hector's body. Our Young Folks' Plutarch. Fifty retellings from Plutarch's Lives skillfully adapted for children. Includes the conquests of Alexander the Great, how Demosthenes became an orator, the conspiracy against Caesar, the life of Lycurgus the law-giver of Sparta, the exploits of Pyrrhus and others.

A child's first book of Greek tales containing many of the shorter myths retold with exceptional literary skill. Relates the stories of Prometheus, who brought to earth the bright-eyed fire treasured by the gods; of Orpheus, best of harpers; of the cunning Daedalus; the ambitious Phaethon; Apollo and Diana, and other gods and heroes of the olden time. Vivid portrayal of the civic and home life of children in Athens during the reign of Pericles, when the art and architecture of ancient Greece were at their height. Through the eyes of Duris, son of the architect Phorion, and Hiero, son of the sculptor Hermippos, we experience the Greek culture of the times as we accompany them on their journey from home to market-place, wonder at the Acropolis, visit schools and studios, observe festivals, and participate in the Olympic games.

Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Greece.

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  7. Through the eyes of a traveler to ancient Greece, we see how, by reason of geography, Greece became a land of city states. After examining several different city states and their land and naval forces, we watch all Greece come together for the Olympic games. Turning our attention to Athens, we marvel at the theatre, architecture, and sculpture of the age of Pericles. Stories of the Ancient Greeks. Delightful collection of both mythological and historical stories of the ancient Greeks, in language simple enough for younger listeners, yet appealing to all ages.

    Provides an excellent introduction to ancient Greece, beginning with 32 of the best-known myths, and then continuing with 32 short stories of the historical era, arranged in chronological order. An extensive pronunciation guide is included. Old Greek Stories. Delightful retelling in simple language of the stories of the old Greek mythological heroes, and their encounters with Jupiter and the other Olympians. While each story can be read independently, they can also be read as a continuous narrative, with one story leading to the next.

    A pronunciation guide and numerous illustrations accompany the text. Three Greek Children.

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    During their sojourn there they learn much about Spartan customs and hear stories from Spartan history, which, when added to their personal experience of Athenian customs and stories of Athenian history, give a full picture of life in ancient Greece as children experienced it in the 5th century B. Stories of the East from Herodotus. Engaging narrative of stories from the History of Herodotus, recounting the tale of Croesus and the Fall of Sardis, chronicling the careers of Cyrus and Cambyses, and, finally, documenting Darius's rise to power. The author's The Story of the Persian War continues the account.

    Includes numerous black and white illustrations from ancient frescoes and sculptures. The Story of the Persian War. Stirring account of the Greeks' encounters with the Persians in the 5th century B. Illustrations from sculptures and vases accompany the text. The Heroes. Stories of the heroes of ancient Greece, told in fine poetic prose. By preserving the Greek spirit in the retelling of these myths, Kingsley gives us plain strength and seriousness, courage, steadfastness, and beauty.

    Dozens of attractive illustrations by T. Robinson enliven the text. Jataka Tales.