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Council of the European Union, Brussels. Conover, C. The timeliness of Timeliness of the indicators presented in the EU and accounting disclosures in international security markets. International Finnish SD strategy assessment reports has not substantially Review of Financial Analysis 17 5 : — Development of new Dailey, L. Timeliness of data sources used for influenza surveillance. Journal of the American Medical practices of data gathering and processing, as well as Informatics Association 14 5 : — Sustainable development strategies.

A to increase the timeliness of the indicators. Favouring resource book. Earthscan, London.


Eionet priority data flows. May —April Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg However, further improvement of the timeliness of Eurostat, Measuring progress towards a more sustainable Europe. Office for remains as a second order quality criterion for indicator Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Timeliness is a quality criterion that Eurostat, As long as the monitoring report of the EU sustainable development strategy.


Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, main focus of indicator work is on how to produce Luxembourg. Sustainable development in the European Union. The general level conclusion is that more Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, emphasis in empirical research should be placed on the Luxembourg.

Eurostat, Publications Office of the European Communities, Luxembourg. Fixler, D. Timeliness and accuracy. In: Boumans M ed. Elsevier, London, pp. Garcia, S. Marine and Freshwater Research 51 5 : — Assessing national sustainable no. Sustainability Indicators: A Scientific Assessment. SCOPE Island Press, Washington, DC.

Hardi, P. Assessing Sustainable Development: Principles in Practice.

Time horizons in evaluating environmental policies. Allum, P. Economic data dissemination: What New Directions for Evaluation 1 : 9— IMF Kates, R. International Monetary Fund, Washington, development? Goals indicators, values, and practice. Environment DC. Bauler, T. Making sustainable development evaluations work.

Sustainable development indicators: Much wanted, indicators: An overview. Natural Resources Forum 29 4 : — Monographs of the Boreal Environmental Research no. Russian dolls and Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki. The role of indicators in improving sustainability indicator communication. Sustainable Development, doi: timeliness of international environmental reports. European Environment 16 1 : 32— Coping with ecological thresholds in Scheffer, M. Coastal Catastrophic shifts in ecosystems.

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Nature : — Management 39 6 : — Spangenberg, J. Skeletons out of the closet: integrated systems as a tool for managing and monitoring a complex Effectiveness of conceptual frameworks for communicating sustainable transition. International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 9 4 , development indicators. Sustainable Development 16 5 : — McKenzie, R. Improving timeliness for short-term economic Steurer, R. The vertical integration of statistics.

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Cardiff, UK. Finnish government policy documents. Natural Resources Forum 34 1 71— Special issue: Sustainable development decision-in-principle on the promotion of ecological sustainability. The Finnish Environment Ministry of the Environment, Helsinki.

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European Environment 17 3 : — MoE Ministry of the Environment , Evaluation of sustainable Stevens, C. Workshop overview and recommendations. In development in Finland — Summary. Institutionalising sustainable development. Development Studies. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Moldan, B. Sustainability Development, Paris, pp. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester. Sustainable development.

Revised edition with goals and Background Paper No. Division for Sustainable Development, measures for — ANP Normander, B. National sustainable development strategies — The global system on ground-level ozone in Europe. Integrated Environmental picture Towards sustainable choices. A Vehmas, J. Report of nationally and globally sustainable Finland. The national strategy for decomposition analysis for indicators.

Development and Comparison sustainable development. Deliverable D3. Ecological Indicators 10 2 : — Ramboll, Related Papers.

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Beyond the 'indicator industry': use and potential influences of sustainable development indicators in Finland and the EU. Using indicators to assess sustainable development in the European Union, Finland, Malta and Slovakia. The OECD publishes and updates a model tax convention that serves as a template for allocating taxation rights between countries.

This model is accompanied by a set of commentaries that reflect OECD-level interpretation of the content of the model convention provisions. In general, this model allocates the primary right to tax to the country from which capital investment originates i. As a result, it is most effective as between two countries with reciprocal investment flows such as among the OECD member countries , but can be unbalanced when one of the signatory countries is economically weaker than the other such as between OECD and non-OECD pairings.

The Transfer Pricing Guidelines serve as a template for profit allocation of intercompany transactions to countries. The OECD publishes books, reports, statistics, working papers and reference materials. The OECD releases between and books each year. Most books are published in English and French. The OECD flagship [ vague ] titles include:.

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OECD Observer , an award-winning magazine [n 2] launched in News, analysis, reviews, commentaries and data on global economic, social and environmental challenges. Contains listing of the latest OECD books, plus ordering information. The OECD is known as a statistical agency , as it publishes comparable statistics on a wide number of subjects. They are available on iLibrary, as well as on many specialised portals.