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Just 10 games, move-by-move. He uses a Question-Answer method. You don't need a repertoire book until you can handle this one by yourself. This book is logical and will give the reader confidence in the opening. Cozens and John Nunn. More skull bustin' fun. FTB believes it best not to read this book too soon.

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The slick combinations might be too difficult for some, while others might be too influenced by general principles when they need to calculate variations. Easy to follow for an intermediate. You'll understand it better if you set up the positions on a board and move the pieces by hand.

A small but comprehensive book. By now, your endgame skills will be stronger than the majority of your opponents if you have studied faithfully. Games that were even contests in the middlegame become your domain in the endgame! If Larry's quiz was difficult, then you'd better re-read the books listed above.

After this review, you well understand how to begin the game properly. This will help your Black defenses and positional sense. FTB emphasizes active piece play on open lines and taking advantage of pawn structure weaknesses. Hint: Reinfeld uses plenty of examples that sacrifice the queen! A few positions don't seem to have a correct answer, especially if Black declines to accept the sacrifice. FTB wrote down all his answers in a notebook and then graded himself. Give yourself full credit for a correct answer, and half-credit if you got part of the solution correct.

This book is underrated for it contains a wide range of useful information. Just remember that you are not going to play all the different openings discussed.

This book was once very popular. Mednis produced some wise chess books. Can you clobber your opponents, or do you let them get away? This will put your batting eye to the test! This book is no easy push-over. Don't play give-away! The Middle Game in Chess. Capablanca mentioned this one. Small yet relatively comprehensive book. Some swear by this book.

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Probably over-rated for instructional value, but the games are dandies. Max Euwe and David Hooper, , , Dover. Analysis of positions of many types, but little overall discussion of principles. Are you grown-up in the endgame, or not? Never forget that checkmate is the primary objective!

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Which Reti book do you like best? You should be a killer tactician by now, which is not to say that your rating has reached master level, but it's getting close. It's mostly about pawn structures. FTB likes this better than Kmoch's book. FTB likes this book but can never read it straight through. It's very fundamental and worthwhile, but some openings receive more treatment than others.

Coordinate and finish 'em off! A player like Tal is easy to appreciate. A contemporary inclusion. Highly regarded. Reprinted in algebraic notation. This one is on everyone's list if they've read it. It's time for another self-test. FTB's chess bible.

This grand book combines two volumes has influenced future world champions. Two great chess brains explain the MG.


Ruy Lopez: Masterclass Edition

Like it says FTB has the older version, which he never finished because Bronstein's book kept calling. This book should be a piece of cake this far down the list, but fabulous chess writers Nunn and Burgess might have spiked the punch. Find a weakness and hammer it! This is a great chess book. Reshevsky was the American champion and early rival of Bobby Fischer.

On the other hand, if you read these books spending quiet, restful evenings at home in leu of watching perverted garbage on television or drinking at the pub, then good for you! Perhaps experts and candidate masters wanting a second-string line in their already established king pawn repertoire might make use of a chapter or two. In chapters , this book takes the uncommon approach of teaching the Open Sicilian 1. Nf3 3. It just scratches the surface with 75 pages of information but a noble attempt at simplification for the student by the talented McDonald.

Most grandmasters play the Open Sicilian -- a vast ocean of ever-changing theory, yet most authors of complete repertoire books chose the Closed Sicilian approach refraining from 3. Technically, there's nothing wrong with either approach, but there's so much more theory to keep up with when playing the Open Sicilian. How much opening theory do you want to study the rest of your life? No study, no lasting success In today's busy world of multiple activities and tight schedules, a youthful player and an aging player is probably better served to play the formulaic, time-saving King's Indian Reversed Attack as young Bobby Fischer did See King's Indian Attack: Move by Move by Neil McDonald.

Of course, Fischer had an obsessive one track mind for chess and tackled the Open Sicilian a few years later. The driven, unquenchable Fischer had a photographic memory, read every chess book he could get his hands on, was surrounded by other top level players for competition and advice, and could have conquered any opening he put his mind to. Most youthful players will not push their chess career to expert or master level, much less grand master level like Fischer did. Still, each person is unique and must follow their own path.

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If the Open Sicilian is calling your name, by all means play it. McDonald is convinced youth should play the Open Sicilian from the beginning, in part because White quickly gets an active game by exchanging off a center pawn.

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Chapter 1 covers the double king pawn 1.