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Apr 24, Unlock Android phone with Gmail Account keep all data. But, when I tap the Reset phone option, I always get a prompt to enter the Mi account password. I've tried and tried but no luck!

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I have Googled about it and I found that it is necessary to do a Hard Reset. You can remove the pattern lock with Hard Reset with Recovery mode method. You can reset your Micromax D phone with these codes. Unlock pattern lock without data loss. If you don't want to do that, there's an app called My Backup Pro that can do the same job. Note: This solution is available on Android 4. You will loose all your data just to get inside your device.

I want a way to be able to reset my password without having to wipe my phone. If you want the data and applications on your phone, you should back up what you want to save before you reset your phone so that you can recover them to your phone afterward. When this process is complete, you can access your device directly and view any data in your phone without entering a password.

So that you can unlock iPhone without passcode. There is a quite nice program called Android Password Removal and one of the useful features is for passcode removal. A hard reset, also known as a factory reset and a master reset, returns the device to the condition it was in when it left the factory. Remove all the pattern, PIN, password, fingerprint locks on Android. How to Reset a Cell Phone. As after restoring ipad or iphone.

If you are an Android user, there are a few ways to reset your phone password without losing any data. Reboot system, then the Android phone lock password has been deleted, and you will see an. Reset Android password without losing data. This thread is locked. No one can predict when the data loss will happen, let alone preparing a full backup of the phone data in advance. Part 1. Different Android devices on various situations have different solutions to recover forgotten password and unlock phone screen.

No Factory Reset. Use Volume buttons to navigate and Power key to select. All of your personal content will be erased, and the phone will be restored to its factory settings. If you decide to reset your phone, you can back up apps, text messages, and more in the cloud beforehand. Obviously, no one want to see this "Disaster", so in this post, we have collected and picked 3 different ways to help you unlock Android phone using PC. When using this software, make sure to remove your SIM card and plug in your SD card into your device to unlock Android phone pattern lock without losing data.

Here this tutorial will give you some advice on how to unlock Samsung Galaxy without data loss. Set a temporary password. There is no loss of data or A soft reset is just a way to force the Android operating system to shut down in the event of a freeze and you only risk losing any data which wasn't saved prior to the reset. Scroll down for some feasible ways to reset Android without losing data. So you'll unlock the pattern lock without losing data. Sometimes, we perform a factory reset without saving our files and therefore we do not have any backup service to rely on.

Choose YES. Part 3: How to factory reset iPhone without iTunes This method is also a quick one and does not need to be near a computer until when syncing your data with your computer, hence no need to use iTunes. Factory format is one option but it is not very good idea to go for. If you don't have a Google account and want to keep all data on the phone, then you should use Android Password Removal instead. With iTunes, though, a reset means you lose any data not saved in an iTunes backup. How to unlock android pattern lock without factory reset and without debugging.

If you forgot your lockscreen password or phone pattern, you may be able to unlock your phone and reset the passcode using your unique fingerprint. Media files like photos, music files, and videos, etc. In fact, we can unlock Android phone password with some practical methods. Resetting your cell phone will delete everything on it and return it to its factory default settings.

Without Losing Data. Following data will be deleted after the reset. Performing a factory reset is the only way to unlock the phone.

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Power off your phone. No need for Gmail or Factory Reset. Dail these codes Try one by one on your mobile to Hard reset your device. How to unlock android phone without losing the data, if you forgot pattern or There are two requirement to reset the password without losing the data. Once the downloading of recovery package completes, the Android Screen Removal will proceed further to remove the screen lock.

Part 1: Recover forgotten password for Android phone without losing data. Your pics, etc will all stay put. You can also use iTunes to reset your iPhone without screen passcode.

Enter the temporary password on your Note 4 to bypass the lock screen. Read about the solutions below, and choose the one according to your Phone devices. Take advantage of iTunes Match to stream your iTunes music wherever you are. Use Photo Stream for instant access to photos you take with an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on all your other mobile devices and computers.

Have easy access to the same document files on iOS devices and computers so that you can efficiently work whenever and wherever you need to. Use iCloud's great email, calendar, contact, and other tools to automatically have the same information on all your devices. Locate your devices, secure them if they aren't under your control, and protect your data with online backups.

How to reset mi phone password without losing data

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