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This information is devastating to the concept that gods are real, as Shults shows exactly how they are made, shaped, and used to the advantage of those in charge. He then takes the next step of teaching us how to use this information toward the betterment of society. Shults answers once and for all, how so many people can believe in a god and still be wrong.

He discovers and attempts to liberate a radically atheist trajectory that has long been suppressed within the discipline of theology. Pinn, Religious Studies Department, Rice University, USA "There is a lively debate on religion's role in the public square currently underway in the marketplace of ideas. Theism and Public Policy is a thoughtful and provocative collection of essays that seeks to confront potentially contentious issues that arise from the widening chasm between religious believers and non-believers in the context of liberal Western democracies.

Truth be told, putting forth prescriptions for such a multicultural, multidimensional vision of secularism without much of the cynicism, vitriol, and invective that has bogged down previous expressions of humanism makes this volume a very welcome addition to this emerging discourse.

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This volume explores this question from a humanist perspective, and in so doing it provides insight into the relationship of religion to public policy, and offers ways to advance a more democratic and secular public arena. Contents: Introduction. Baker and Buster G. How Should a Democracy Deal with Fundamentalism?

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This is an exploration and analysis of Aquinas's contribution to the philosophy of religion. It examines Aquinas's contexts, his views on philosophy and theology, as well as faith and reason. His arguments for God's existence, responses to objections against God's existence and his characterization of the nature of God are examined. The commonly held view that Wittgensteinian philosophy of religion is fideistic loses plausibility when contrasted with recent scholarship on Wittgenstein's corpus and biography.

This book reevaluates the place of Wittgenstein in the philosophy of religion and charts a path forward for the subfield by advancing three themes. Edmund Griffiths, Wolfson College, University of Oxford, UK People believe in a great many things; and yet most of us know almost nothing about why other people believe what they do, or indeed about how it feels to believe it.

This book presents an objective method for understanding and comparing belief systems irrespective of whether the investigator happens to agree with them. Considerations about the existence and nature of God are given far too much weight in contemporary discussions of philosophy of religion. Against prevailing orthodoxy, this introduction to philosophy of religion urges a broader perspective that attends seriously to a wide range of religious and non-religious worldviews.

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Interpreting Quantum Theory A Therapeutic Approach Simon Friederich, Gottingen University, Germany Is it possible to approach quantum theory in a 'therapeutic' vein that sees its foundational problems as arising from mistaken conceptual presuppositions? The book explores the prospects for this project and, in doing so, discusses such fascinating issues as the nature of quantum states, explanation in quantum theory, and 'quantum non-locality'.

Quantum Probabilities: What Are They? Copenhagen Reloaded? Karen Bloom Gevirtz, Seton Hall University, USA "'Exploring 'scientific' writers such as Newton, Boyle, Hooke, and Locke in the context of well-known and largely female literary writers like Behn, Barker, Haywood, and Davys, Gevirtz's ideas are fresh and new and will contribute widely to contemporary discussions of science and the history of the novel, as well as women's writing and culture, gender issues in this historical period, and narrative strategies.

Women, the Novel, and Natural Philosophy, is as astute about Boyle and Newton as it is about Behn and Haywood, drawing together the prehistories of scientific objectivity and novelistic omniscience in an original narrative on the emergence of a modern self. This is a book that turns conventional literary history inside out and offers fresh perspectives on technologies of the observing self and emerging forms of prose fiction.

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Fascinated by the problematic idea of a unified self underpinning modes of thinking, female novelists innovated narrative structures to interrogate this idea. Disappeared species have always fascinated the human mind. A new discussion of using genomic technologies to reverse extinction and to help in conservation has been sparked.

This volume studies the question philosophically. Just Fake It! Scientific thinking must be understood as an activity. The acts of interpretation, representation, and explanation are the cognitive processes by which scientific thinking leads to understanding. The book explores the nature of these processes and describes how scientific thinking can only be grasped from a pragmatic perspective.

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Wendell Kisner, Athabasca University, Canada By interweaving Hegelian dialectic and the middle voice, this book develops a holistic account of life, nature, and the ethical orientation of human beings with respect to them without falling into the trap of either subjecting human rights to totality or relegating non-human beings and their habitats to instrumentalism. Sex and the Posthuman Condition Michael Hauskeller, University of Exeter, UK This book looks at how sexuality is framed in enhancement scenarios and how descriptions of the resulting posthuman future are informed by mythological, historical and literary paradigms.

It examines the glorious sex life we will allegedly enjoy due to greater control of our emotions, improved capacity for pleasure, and availability of sex robots. Modes of Explanation is the first book in decades to attempt to bring these conflicting approaches together and to offer a compelling narrative to explore how the paradox of 'explanation' can converge.

Is The World Completely Intelligible? In an age of rapid advances in behavioural genetics, this book applies a unique genetic-social framework to the study of crime and criminal behaviour. Drawing upon evidence from evolutionary psychology and behavioural genetics, it offers an up-to-date and balanced account of the mutuality between genes and environment. This book searches for the origins of modern thinking in one of the best-known stories of our cultural heritage.

By applying institutional and constitutional economics to biblical interpretation, it uses new approach to reconstruct the Paradise story. This book is a collection of specially commissioned chapters from philosophers, economists, and political scientists, focusing on Adam Smith's two main works Theory of Moral Sentiments and Wealth of Nations with a view to bringing Smith to a mainstream philosophy audience while simultaneously informing Smith's traditional constituency. Modernity of Religion. Introduction; David F.

A Conceptual Sketch Volker H. Schmidt, National University of Singapore, Singapore "To say this book is impressive would be an understatement. It gets at the heart of a matter that is central to the social sciences and that has been discussed for a long time. Highly thoughtful and extremely well written, the book combines a wealth of insights from a multitude of sources and disciplines.

It thereby makes a major, fascinating contribution to our understanding of the contemporary world. A must read for anyone interested in social theory today. A Conceptual Sketch offers a tour de force that can stand as a benchmark for future discussions of the subject. Its ideas are original and authoritative, well-formulated, and wondrously usable. The author treats major contributors to the debate on modernity deftly, respectfully, and creatively — thereby manifesting a kind of civilized inquiry that is regrettably rare in academic discourse.

Overall, I find Volker Schmidt's book to be one of the very few statements in general sociological theory today worthy engaging with seriously.

Levine, Peter B. Ritzma Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Chicago, USA This book introduces the concept of global modernity as a paradigm for the analysis of the contemporary era. Building on Parson's distinction between social, cultural, personal and organismic systems, it presents a four-dimensional scheme that aims to identify modernity's key structural components.

Rather than presenting a polemic that will enrage or delight one camp or another, this book proposes that a cease-fire is possible. Resting in Peace Lord of the Rings Online. Fischer problematizes canonical theories of change through a feminist-pragmatist approach. She highlights John Dewey's transformation of Aristotle's philosophy to explicate a dynamic sense of self.

This leads to a feminist-pragmatist self with the capacity to effect socio-political change. Gendered hierarchies distorting philosophy from its inception are swept away in this model of humans in transaction with their environments.

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This is a philosophy for our time. Via a select history of ancient Greek and Pragmatist philosophies of change, Fischer argues for a reconstruction of transformation that is inclusive of women's experiences and thought. Democracy and Change as Transaction. Nicholas succeeds in the difficult task of authoritative exposition of the range of gendered, social and ethical theory balanced in a discursive style that encourages reflection, thought and engagement.

The clarity of this approach to thinking gender and ethics, combined with a fine grasp and deployment of complex theory in a refreshingly accessible articulation, makes this a pleasure to read. This is indispensable to anyone who wants to understand the frontiers of thinking identity, self and gender today and an exciting challenge to move against and in transgression of those frontiers. Queer Post-Gender Ethics argues that we could exist, formulate our relationships and be sexual in more androgynous ways.

Outlining a political vision for how a post-gender sociality might be achieved, it presents queer social practices for a truly gender neutral world. Feminism, Time, and Nonlinear History Victoria Browne, Oxford Brookes University, UK "In this important book, Browne challenges feminism to think through the problem of historiography in order to better account for the 'complex coevalness' of feminism's multiplicity. Contact Information: Professor Kathleen Segerson, kathleen. If your under 40, join us for a casual evening of drinks, appetizers and the chance to meet the CRT staff.

Thursday, June 13th at 6pm in the Jorgensen Gallery. Describe cardiac presentations of phochromocytoma 2. Describe pathology and pathophysiology of cathecholamine-induced cardiomyopathy 2. Express the diagnostic and treatment approach to pheochromocytoma related cardiac involvement Accreditation: The University of Connecticut School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. The University of Connecticut School of Medicine designates this live activity for a maximum of.

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Contact Information: Eric May, eric. Contact Information: Scott Stephenson, stephenson uconn. Contact Information: Kaitlin Gallagher, More. Daniel Mulkey, daniel. First, a versatile toolbox employing supramolecular chemistry that is capable of precisely nanostructuring multi-component hybrid materials through self-assembly processes is described. Organic photovoltaic OPV devices applying these NFs display improved controllability of morphologies at both macroscopic and microscopic levels, as well as enhanced efficiencies and stability, over their conventional bulk heterojunction BHJ counterparts.

Secondly, our recent efforts in controlling nanomorphologies of metal-organic framework MOF -polymer composite membranes will be discussed. By using a templated growth mechanism, well-defined one-dimensional MOF nanotubes and nanorods could be obtained by simply varying the reactant concentrations. Intriguingly, when the template pore sizes are reduced to 30 nm, single crystal MOF nanowires with lengths up to 2 micrometers could be obtained that also displayed preferred lattice orientation.

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Such findings are potentially useful in gas and liquid separation applications. Refreshments will be served at am. All are welcome. Contact Information: jie. Contact Information: Jinbo Bi, jinbo. Farmington, CT This hand-on workshop is an introduction to insect preservation and curation techniques, where students will learn to properly pin and preserve dried insects for scientific collection, research, and art.