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As the reading and writing specialist and later Staff Developer I was able to reach many of the students who came from other countries and help them to read, understand and speak our language and excel in school. The arts and music are two of my greatest passions. For many years I directed the orchestra and choral groups at Graduation. I mentored many of the new teachers, was test coordinator for the school and eventually went back for my degree in Administration. WGR: Tell us a little about Bertha. Did your experience as a teacher inspire your Bertha stories or was it more from personal experience?

Fran: I based my stories and my titles in my own experiences growing up in the South Bronx. I was always the outcast when it came to sports, dancing and was overweight. I spent my life battling with my weight and got ridiculed a lot in dancing school and when participating in many activities. I did however excel at punch ball and can still knock one out of the park. Bertha is me.

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Everything that I wrote in all three books if true. Many children in the schools today are subjected to the abuse caused by bullies in their schools or being overweight as I was all my life. Having difficulty walking up the stairs or not being able to participate in activities in the gym made it difficult for me to fit in with many of the other kids. As an educator and a teacher who did spend time working with the gym teacher when my time was requested to assist him, I learned that this issue was still front and center and I refused to allow it to continue.

My Bertha stories are all true.

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The third book, Bertha Fights Back deals with September 11 and is dedicated to one of my students who died in the first tower. I wrote these stories to help teachers, parents and children of all ages learn to embrace their differences and understand that it is not what you look like on the outside that makes the person, it is the inner you and your kindness and understanding of others.

It is also a resource for anyone that needs home care, senior care or wants to really understand the illness. This book will help the coach potato in everyone and give you ways to keep your mind and body active and alert. Tell us what you like least about the writing process and what you like most. Fran: I really do not like editing my work. I love when someone else reads my stories or my novels and gives me the feedback that I need. I have trouble reading on my computer because I get eyestrain.

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I often wonder at times what I am going to write and where my plots are going. The best part is completing that manuscript and seeing your book in print and of course having tons of people buy it. WGR: I know you review books for several review sites. What types of books do you enjoy reading most and who are some of your favorite authors?

Fran: I love reading a well-written mystery, thriller and historical fiction novel.

A novel that grabs my attention from the first word forcing me to complete the book in a day. I love reading Paranormal and fantasy too.

Posted in married life Translations of an Incident Laurel Rain-Snow life love marriage mind mother mystery NaNoWriMo narrative Novel passion Peter Selgin plot poet process protagonist psychotherapist publisher Ramblings reader revision Schae's Story soul Stories Story tension The House transformation transubstantiation truth wife Women's Writes write writer writers writing. Share Share. Working with students in grades one through six for the first part of my career.

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I am […]. I begin by saying that I come to writing as a reader. I believe it is important for me to […]. Khyentse Rinpoche writes in the commentary, "Instead of being convinced that there is a self-entity, we realize that self is a mere concept.

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The summer has whisked by. One day it was May 31st and our middle was finishing what had been their eleventh grade year—they were a high school junior—and two days later we were listening to a message left by the school photographer stating that senior pictures would be made the following week and leaving the […]. Love strengthens and transforms. It also frightens.

Experiencing love, true unadulterated and unconditional love, freely given soothes us in places long hardened over time by insults and wounds inflicted in the flesh and to our character and emotions.

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Love and acceptance despite and because of who we are, faults, shortcomings, warts and all exhumes not only […]. So much of marriage is about seeing the other, your spouse, and allowing your true self to come through, i. My novel, "The House," chronicles the experience of a woman, Anna Manning, during the last 3 months of her marriage wherein her husband, Edward, has withheld aspects of his true nature from. Throughout their nearly thir […]. Friday afternoon I felt as if I would crack. Each one of my children, ages, years-old to 23 years needed me for emotional support as they struggled to attain their goals.

My eldest was working hard on a paper search for a page graduate research paper she must write.

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Our 11th grader needed guidance on how to organize her study and tutoring sessions for […]. I named my publishing company, NOJ Publications, after my husband, his named turned backwards. I write about love, committed and constant, persevering and sustaining, which he has given me. My stories and novels express what I know and have learned in relationship with my husband. Love holds a most transforming power. It dispenses hope beyond our wildest dre […].

I've been married for 28 years. I have 3 children. Though I haven't always felt this way, presently I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I like being married.