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Our special guests helped us perform a live reenactment of the story of Maybe Something Beautiful, complete with props and costumes.

Drinking was something maybe I did too much of ...

When the event wrapped up, each child received a book to take home! Across the country and around the world, in classrooms and schools, individuals from all walks of life promoted the power of early literacy: local fire fighters and police officers read to children in their communities, district court judges dressed as artists to read aloud to students, teachers made up clever songs about reading, young children wrote their own poetry, high school students read with their elementary peers, and many classrooms worked on beautiful murals of their own neighborhoods.

Just like in the book, these communities came together to create something beautiful. The day was an incredible testament to the connections that can be made through reading and creating together, and we were thrilled to see the abundance of celebrations of Maybe Something Beautiful!

This year we had 1,, readers this year from 49 states and 60 countries! All Rights Reserved.

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Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

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A real one. Everyone thinks their parents are embarrassing, but Hannah knows she's got them all beat. Her dad made a fortune showcasing photos of pretty girls and his party lifestyle all over the Internet, and her mom was once one of her dad's girlfriends and is now the star of her own website.

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After getting the wrong kind of attention for way too long, Hannah has mastered the art of staying under the radar Of course, that doesn't help her get noticed by her crush. Hannah's sure that gorgeous, sensitive Josh is her soul mate.