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The problem with Nigerians and fellow Igbo brothers is that when they find out that you vannot speak igbo, they will distance themselves from you and you would be regarded as an outcast, they will not deem it fit to even put you thru in the language, all they know is just to insult you. I served in bayelsa state and where i was posted to, they were mostly igbos and yoruba, being that i grew up in lagos and that I understand more of Yoruba, i related with the yoruba more because the Igbos did not consider me as their brothers.

I have tried to learn the language, I find it very difficult to understand the language and to pronounce some words even when I had a corper tutor in that place, everyday, i went to his house and he put me thru in the basic igbo, I was tought for about 4 months and the guy had to stop putting me thru, he was of the opinion that i have not shown any sign of learning the language.

As at the moment i am very disgouraged to learn the language based on the insults i do receive from fellow Igbo brothers and my inability to retain igbo words. Does anybody have a solution, all those websites that people are puttin gon this thred are plain useless, Is there anywhere we can get a software or application on igbo language so we can be able to learn it.

Even the name you choose for yourself is cool. I pray your love never goes sour,Isee. A lil'correction though,its "A huru m gi n'anya" and you can also add,"I na-amasi m oge nile" for special effects. For those that want to learn Igbo Online, check out our new website www. A lot has been going on on the site.

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Right now, we focus on bringing the site to live. Adding more topics.

Learn Easy Series: Introduce Yourself in Igbo language

You can also check out our new Igbo Online Dictionary. By the end of April, we will have a lot of Igbo musics for you to enjoy, English-Igbo-Dictionary for you to check words and impress your love ones, Complete Igbo Phrase and also give you the option to request a phrase which you would like us to translate for you. And other interesting topics. Stay tune. He would probably not even have been known beyond the peripheries of Kenya, where the prevalence of that local language begins and ends.

Or we may go on resenting it because it came as part of a package deal which included many other items of doubtful value and the positive atrocity of racial arrogance and prejudice … But let us not in rejecting the evil throw out the good with it. It could be that Nobel prizes and sales figures mean absolutely nothing to them. U nesco reports that more than 1 in 3 adults in sub-Saharan Africa are unable to read and write, as are 47 million young people ages The region accounts for almost half of the 64 million primary school-aged children in the world who are not in school.

Not even the English are born with the ability to read their language. They are taught — usually in schools. I wonder how many literate Gikuyu speakers can read their language. My parents, who have spoken Igbo their entire lives, can hardly read and write their mother tongue fluently.

They were never taught. At the time they went to school, the colonials, whom we detest so much, were probably still busy transcribing our own mother tongues for us — from ideograms to the more universal Roman letters — to enable us begin to read and write our own local languages.

80 Worship Songs In Igbo Language

D aa eventually got weary of modern life and sulked until my father allowed her to return to her village, where she eventually died peacefully in her sleep. So white people fight?! All those years ago, Daa was probably equally intrigued to see white people punching each other on TV. Living in Umuahia, where the sight of a white person is still today so rare that it draws a crowd in the street, meant that the few Caucasians Daa had glimpsed in her lifetime were probably missionaries and colonial officers — most of whom were models of civilisation, poster boys of higher breeding.

Teach Yourself Igbo, Learn to Speak Igbo Language +Traditions/Cultures

When she came to stay with my family, she must have been shocked by the uncharacteristic sight of white people acting so savagely on TV. That said, having one language to dominate others must have reduced conflict. If, for example, we decided to dump English and use a mother tongue as the language of instruction in local schools, which of the at least tongues in Nigeria or the 70 in Kenya or the in Tanzania and so on would those countries use to teach their children?

This would be more difficult than ever today, when many African societies are becoming urbanised, with different ethnic groups converging in the same locality. Which language should schools select and which should they abandon? How many fresh accusations of marginalisation would arise from this process?

Teach Yourself Igbo!

The many wars around Africa are usually fought along ethnic lines. The lack of a common language would have further accentuated our differences, giving opportunity for yet more conflict. Languages like English have made Africa a more peaceful and unified region than it might have been.

The contemptible colonials at least gave us an easy means of communicating with one another, preventing a Tower of Babel situation on the continent. I attended a school in Nigeria where speaking your mother tongue was banned for that very reason. We were taught to see ourselves as Nigerian, not Igbo or Hausa or Yoruba or whatever. Local languages were part of the curriculum, but speaking them beyond the classroom was a punishable offence.

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It was not until university that I at last began to speak the language. In Ibadan, away from Igbo land and from the laughing voices, away from those who either did not allow me to speak Igbo or who did not believe I could speak it, I was finally free to open my mouth and express the words that had been bottled up inside my head for so many years — the words I had heard people in the market speak, the words I had read in books and heard on TV, the words my father had not permitted around the house.

Speak in our language! Thus, in a strange land far away from home, I finally became fluent in a language I had hardly uttered all my life. Today, few people can tell from my pronunciations that I grew up not speaking Igbo. Strangely, whenever I am in the presence of anyone who knew me as a child, when I was not permitted to speak Igbo, my eloquence in the local tongue often regresses.

I stammer, falter, repeat myself.

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Perhaps my tongue is tied by the recollection of their mockery. The long read. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics The long read. Chapter 1 - Who Are You? Chapter 5 - What is your emergency?

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Conversational Goals Greet others and bid them farewell Introduce yourself Meet new people. Grammar Goals Form present tense verbs Identify subject pronouns Learn how to use pronouns Use verbs in present progressive form. Conversational Goals Ask questions regarding familial relationships Describe someone in relation to family members Introduce someone else.

Grammar Goals Learn how to use pronouns in sentences Use conjunctions. Conversational Goals Articulate feelings Describe physical characteristics Express interest Inquire about a stranger. Grammar Goals Use possessive pronouns Use verbs in future tense. Grammar Goals Use adjectives Use verbs in the present progressive form.

Conversational and Grammar Goals Chapter 5 - Where did you go to school? Conversational Goals Discuss the merits of a school Inquire about academic programs. Grammar Goals Learn how to transliterate words Use past tense.

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Conversational Goals Ask for clarification Provide and obtain new information Request new vocabulary. Grammar Goals Use adverbs Use negation. Grammar Goals Learn cardinal numbers Use more adverbs. Conversational Goals Express future plans Identify various articles of clothing Question statements made by others. Grammar Goals Form verbs in future tense Use modals. Conversational Goals Acquire necessities Find places to shop Gather information from a native speaker Inquire about shops in the local area. Grammar Goals Identify adjectives and their usage in a sentence Use dependent clauses.

Conversational Goals Ask for and receive directions Describe the location of one object in relation to another. Grammar Goals Form commands Use modifiers.