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It implied that 'women, in order to be themselves, must make themselves the adversaries of men'. Such confrontational thinking was 'leading to harmful confusion Gender war also encouraged a perilous blurring of the distinctions.

The Feminine Genius

Such a view ignored qualities that arose from a woman's unique ability to give birth. This 'allows her to acquire maturity very quickly, and gives a sense of the seriousness of life and of its responsibilities. A sense and a respect for what is concrete develop in her, opposed to abstractions which are so often fatal for the existence of individuals and society,' says the first high-level pronouncement on gender issues since the Pope's 'Letter to Women'. Ratzinger uses the document to argue that, because they have something unique to contribute, 'women should be present in the world of work and in the organisation of society'.

The comments drew a mixed reaction from feminists and women writers. Erin Pizzey, founder of the international women's refuge movement, said: 'I don't think the Catholic Church, whose priests and bishops cannot marry, is in a position to make such statements.

John Paul II’s Legacy

It is one of the most emotionally illiterate organisations I know, and it needs to put its own house in order first. But Catherine Pepinster, editor of Catholic paper The Tablet, said the comments would resonate with many women.

Our Identities as Women: Daughters, Brides, Mothers

It does make a distinction between the sexes, but it also points out that women have a big role to play in society. Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said that the statement seemed to her a long-overdue assessment of women's roles. It wasn't that we would become men.

Instead of civilising the world, what we have done is create a ladette culture. Customer Service: webstore paulinemedia. On the Dignity and Vocation of Women.

Go Bravely: A fresh take on Catholic Femininity | FemCatholic

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