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How are statesmen and women dressing up their websites, and do these sites add to our democracies? To what extent and in which ways are media converging? Volume 6 : The Mediatization of Religion: Enchantment, Media and Popular Culture Focuses on the interconnectedness of popular culture, media and religion and discusses the role of media in the possible re- enchantment of cultural experiences.

Popular culture provides an important source for a variety of popular religious beliefs, and media industries actively seeks to develop religious-like bonds to audiences in the form of fan cultures, brand communities etc. Furthermore, both old and new religious movements and beliefs have found new ways to reach their congregations through digital media.

Due to the expanding role of the media system religion has become mediatized. While late modernity in general is characterized by the spread of rationality, the popular culture of the media may be a growing source of enchantment. Hornbeck, Justin L. Volume editors: Ib Bondebjerg and Jens Hof.

Volume 8 : Newspapers and Journalism in Transition: The Printed Press as a Cultural and Political Resource in Contemporary News Landscapes The volume of Northern Lights focuses on the function of the printed press as a cultural and political resource, at a time when extensive changes to both the market structure and journalistic content of newspapers entail large-scale consequences for the press, as well as for the public in general.

Volume 9 : Media and Crime: Fiction and Journalism This issue focuses on the relationship between media and crime. Since the modern, urban breakthrough, mediation of crime has been a crucial factor in determining how crime is perceived within the public sphere.

It has enabled a dissemination of the discussion on moral and ethical issues from the few enlightened to the many. Crime is the central point of an extensive production of fiction in books, films, TV series and games. Crime is also one of the most popular subjects of journalism, mediated in newspapers and electronic media, not least the Internet. On this background, the concept of mediatization can be considered as a term apt to designate the new relationship between media, crime and society. Volume 10 : Re-thinking Film and Media Production: Creativity, Convergence and Participation The volume of Northern Lights focuses on the renewed interest in film and media production.

In recent years there has been a shift across a broad field of media and cultural studies from primarily devoting attention to the finished product, oeuvre or reception to also considering production practices. On the one hand, technological changes in the modes of production and distribution have caused a blurring of boundaries between media consumers and producers. On the other hand, concurrent with a heightened awareness of the project-based nature of work in creative industries, a scholarly interest in creative collaborations, choices and constraints as well as institutional contexts have emerged.

New empirical topics along with new theoretical and analytical tools have gained ground within film and media research in response to this development.

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Acknowledging that the conditions of production have a great impact on the framework for reception, production analysis and theory may pave the way for new insights into the aesthetical, technological, ethical, ideological, political and economical aspects of film and media. Volume 13 : Books and Publishing in a Digital Age Volume 14 : Television Drama in the Age of Media Convergence Volume 15 : Political Communication in Networked Societies Politics and political communication take place in an increasingly networked, multi-level environment.

At the same time, small and large societies alike share major political challenges. Topics such as migration, terrorism and climate change are increasingly discussed on global media networks and through personal and social media, creating new connections, new constellations of actors and new dynamics in our systems of political communication. The articles in this volume of Northern Lights tackle these changes and challenges in political communication from diverse perspectives and with different methods.

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