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The Photographer's Guide to Using Snapseed

You can also use Stacks Brushes to add an effect to a specific area on your picture. For example, you can use a black and white filter on your whole picture, then in the Stack, you can paint a percentage of an area a specific color. This comes in handy when you have a number of photos that have been taken at the same time and are needed to be used under the same condition. There are many new photo tools that are effective and useful on Snapseed such as the Curves exposure dialogue, however for other tools such as the Expand tool, there lies a couple problems.

The Expand tool enlarges a photo by copying data of the image in order to fill space into the outer edges. Due to this, it will only work on photos with uniformity along the edges such as grass or sky. The new Face Pose tool is an interesting addition. This tool is able to tilt and pan a photo in order to make a slight difference in pose or to correct length distortions. This tool only works on photos which include a single face in the shot.

  • Snapseed Curves tool enhances colour and tones – makes your photos pop;
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The end results with this tool can be subtle yet appealing. The most important and popularly-used tool out of the bunch is Tune Image. This option allows users to tweak the contrast, brightness, saturation, highlights, shadows or warmth of an image, similar to Instagram.

If the user simply drags their thumb up and down on the screen, they can access quickly a number of editing options. The Rotate and Crop tools are fairly self-explanatory and allow users to crop or use a range of different aspect ratios.

The camera app: Camera+

The Rotate tool helps correct the angle of the image. When you adjust the perspective, one bonus is that when it moves the image out of crop zone, Snapseed will fill in those areas automatically. The Brush Tool enables users to burn and dodge, adjust exposure, saturation and color temperature by using a brush and painting in the area with your finger or a stylus. Users can choose how strong they want the effect to be, then brush it onto the image. Selective is a Snapseed tool that works similarly to the brush tool.

This tool, however, enables users to adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation of an area in the form of a circle. By pinching their fingers, the user can choose how small or big they want their circle and make a change only inside that specific area.

This feature enables users to blue selective areas in order to make the photo look out of focus deliberately. This effect can be adjusted and controlled and can be moved in a straight or circular position. This effect sharpens the image while changing the dynamic range in order to provide an HDR effect.

You can use this effect if you want to give your image a subtle yet artistic feel. This is arguably one of the best effects on Snapseed. It enables the user to control the amount of contrast of their image, and focuses specifically on the high, medium and low tones, all of which can be adjusted independently. For instance, if you have an image that has a main focal point in the midtones, raising the contrast can give the overall feel of your image a lot more punch. Once you have completed an edit, you can select a tick at the bottom of your screen in order to apply the changes.

Table Of Contents: Snapseed App Tutorial

Snapseed users can delete edits they have done throughout the process as well, which is an advanced and highly useful feature for photographers or individuals learning the inner workings of this app. One of the biggest issues people find with Snapseed is the unavailability of an autosave feature as users work.

If you accidentally touch the back button before saving, users will lose all their hard work. Ultimate Seychelles Travel Guide for Bucketlisters.


Photography Basics: Editing with Snapseed

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How to Safely Plan a Trip to Petra. Malibu Waterfall Hike: Escondido Falls. Mauritius Travel Tips for Luxury Adventurers. Search Menu. October 8, 2 min read 17 comments. That's because Dark Skies takes information about your camera and the focal length of your lens and uses the Rule to determine what exposure settings you can use to get clear, crisp, images of the stars without any star trails. One of the most complicated parts of night photography is figuring out what settings to use, but Dark Skies takes care of it for you.

That means less time experimenting with settings and more time taking photos that are dialed in from the start. As you might have guessed, this app tells you where the sun will be in the sky at any time on any day. It'll also give you sunrise and sunset times in addition to the path of the sun and the moon across the sky - which, by the way, is shown on your phone's screen using augmented reality. Add in moon phase information, moonrise and moonset times, and Golden Hour and twilight times, and you've got a fully featured app to help you plan and time your outdoor photo shoots.

The Photographer's Guide to Using Snapseed by Rob Sylvan | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Get Sun Position for your Android device. This handy weather app by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK is extremely reliable with pinpoint forecasting and accurate weather updates. If you're scouting a shoot location or find yourself just wandering around with your camera, the app's GPS function will locate the nearest forecast location to give you the most accurate forecast possible. That means that if you're into landscapes, natural light portraits, or any other type of outdoor shooting, this is a must-have app.

Get Yr.

2. Select “Tune Image”

If you're like me and you spend most of your time shooting ocean scenes, My Tide Times will be an app you put on your home screen and never move. It's an excellent planning tool that allows you to get to your desired shoot location with plenty of time to spare to catch the tide coming in or going out. With data from more than 9, tidal stations in more than 40 countries around the world, the chances are good that your favorite beach will be covered. Calculating hyperfocal distance can be difficult, especially if you're not very good at math like me. If you aren't familiar with the hyperfocal distance technique, it helps you get your photos in sharp focus.

You can read more about it here. But, rather than struggle with the equations needed to calculate hyperfocal distance, just use this app and it'll do it all for you. You pick your camera from its onboard list, enter your aperture and focal length, and press a button, and voila - you get the closest distance you can focus while keeping everything else in the frame sharp. Having the ability to quickly get a meter reading is tremendously helpful so you can better understand what exposure settings to use before you ever even take your camera out of your bag.

Even better, the app will record light readings, that way when you're looking for locations to take photos, you know what the meter readings are for a certain time of day. The app even attaches a picture of the location where the meter reading was taken, that way you know precisely where you were when you got the readings.

If you're getting into portraiture and use artificial lighting setups, Sylights is the app for you. It gives you the ability to create lighting diagrams, that way you can make a note of where each light was placed in relation to the model. You can even send the diagrams you create to other people, that way if you have help on the day of the shoot, they know exactly what gear you need and where you'll need it placed.