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Along the bumpy path from 'double trouble' to 'twice as nice'.

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Twice the Bits, Twice the Trouble: Vulnerabilities Induced by Migrating to 64-Bit Platforms

Event Coordinator. Brad focuses on operational excellence and Ross on strategic growth.

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Having two at the helm requires you to have clear lines of responsibility to avoid duplicating efforts and to delineate for employees and customers who does what. So in this model, they actually provide more balanced oversight for key areas of the business.

This requires checking your ego at the door and allowing your co-CEO to fully own their areas of expertise. You should still check with each other to ensure overall business alignment.

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Brace yourself for twice the trouble with PlayStation’s best double acts

However, you both came in with a clear set of skills on which you should capitalize. Be sure to be yourself and defer to the other on their areas of expertise. Your employees, customers and investors need to see a united front.

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If you do disagree, Brad suggests having those conversations behind closed doors. Two individuals cannot even consider a co-CEO relationship unless they are equally invested in the company — this means time, emotion and money. You absolutely must agree on mission, vision and leadership values to make sure you are aligned on goals and expectations. These are vital for the entire C-suite of any company, but in a co-CEO relationship this foundation must be unshakable. Trust, open communication and shared goals are crucial to co-CEO relationships.

But will this team stay together? This article originally appeared in Official PlayStation Magazine. For more great PlayStation coverage, you can subscribe here.

Twice the Trouble: Healthcare Fraud Continued After Exclusion | ProviderTrust

Jak and Daxter Probably the second most iconic PlayStation pairing ever, even if the oft-mute elf and his irritating ottsel companion peaked with the PS2. The Last of Us The most beautifully written PlayStation relationship ever, and hands-down our favourite double act of the last decade. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Unlikely allegiances are the best. See comments.