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Search by title, catalog stock , author, isbn, etc. Closeout Sale. Civil War Poetry and Prose. By: Walt Whitman.

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Lawrence Dover Reader. James Joyce Dover Reader. Oliver Twist. Such writers were not content with imaginative creation alone: they also explained their work and defined their method in prefaces, reflections, essays, self-portraits, and critical articles. The 19th-century French poet Charles Baudelaire asserted that no great poet could ever quite resist the temptation to become also a critic : a critic of others and of himself. Indeed, most modern writers, in lands other than the United States, whether they be poets, novelists, or dramatists, have composed more nonfictional prose than poetry, fiction , or drama.

In the instances of such monumental figures of 20th-century literature as the poets Ezra Pound , T. It is virtually impossible to attempt a unitary characterization of nonfictional prose. The concern that any definition is a limitation, and perhaps an exclusion of the essential, is nowhere more apposite than to this inordinately vast and variegated literature. Ever since the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers devised literary genres , some critics have found it convenient to arrange literary production into kinds or to refer it to modes.

Obviously, a realm as boundless and diverse as nonfictional prose literature cannot be characterized as having any unity of intent, of technique, or of style. It can be defined, very loosely, only by what it is not.

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Many exceptions, in such a mass of writings, can always be brought up to contradict any rule or generalization. No prescriptive treatment is acceptable for the writing of essays, of aphorisms, of literary journalism , of polemical controversy, of travel literature, of memoirs and intimate diaries.

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No norms are recognized to determine whether a dialogue , a confession, a piece of religious or of scientific writing, is excellent, mediocre , or outright bad, and each author has to be relished, and appraised, chiefly in his own right. But other equally significant English essayists of the same century, such as Charles Lamb or Walter Pater , or the French critic Hippolyte Taine , under an impassive mask, loved too, but differently.

Still other nonfictional writers have been detached, seemingly aloof, or, like the 17th-century French epigrammatist La Rochefoucauld, sarcastic. Their intensity is of another sort.

go to site Prose that is nonfictional is generally supposed to cling to reality more closely than that which invents stories, or frames imaginary plots. It sweeps down at any moment. Over Mametz Wood: over the Veryd Range, over the grey level of the North Sea; over the parade ground in the sunlight, with the band, and the goat shining like silver and the R.

Stead aye! Our dead! This selection from his other extensive writings about the war, published and unpublished, sheds light on the tetralogy. It includes reminiscences, an unfinished novel, stories and excerpts from letters.

Ford was in his forties when he enlisted: this made him one of the few writers of his maturity to fight on the Western Front. His experience of combat was limited, but he was in the Battle of the Somme, was often under bombardment, and suffered from shell-shock.

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  • Civil War Poetry and Prose : Walt Whitman : .
  • War Prose by Ford Madox Ford.

His largely psychological response to the war anticipates the recent renewal of interest in trauma and shell-shock as, for example, in Pat Barker's Ghost Road trilogy.